Middle School – Mathematics And Social Studies


Students expand their skills in several subject areas in Middle School. As tasks become more complex, students are supported in their growth of new strategies and skills to help them learn to solve these complex problems. A particular eye on “big questions” helps students to draw connections among their studies. 

In Mathematics, solving realistic problems strengthens critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Student confidence and knowledge grows through collaborative lessons, small group activities and use of technology. They explore problem solving using the Big Ideas Math approach, which emphasizes conceptual understanding and develops “number sense.” Students are introduced to a variety of ways to solve problems in order to strengthen their critical thinking skills. New, more sophisticated concepts are built upon past concepts and experiences.

The Social Studies curriculum is built on an alternating year cycle. One year focuses on a variety of topics in American History. The colonial period and American Revolution are explored, followed by investigations of the Civil War and more recent conflicts. During the alternate year, the focus shifts to early civilizations of the world in Africa, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East along with the birth of Western ideas from Europe. In either cycle, students practice reading authentic texts, analyzing historical evidence, and drawing conclusions to further their understanding of the past and present.

Alex Dzurick

Meet Alex Dzurick

Middle School Teacher

Mr. Dzurick joined the Rohan Woods family in August 2021 as the math and social studies teacher for the Middle School. Born and raised in Fulton, Mr. Dzurick graduated from Mizzou and started his teaching career at South Callaway Middle School. After attending graduate school at the University of Illinois, he moved to Pennsylvania where he taught middle school math at the French International School of Philadelphia before moving back to Missouri. Outside of school, Mr. Dzurick enjoys learning about math, science, music, and foreign languages, and one day hopes to be a contestant on Jeopardy!

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