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The full day or part-time Pre-Kindergarten Program, built on a developmentally appropriate curriculum, welcomes children into the Rohan Woods School environment. Students have the advantage of experiencing all the resources that an established academic institution has to offer and yet are nurtured in their own secure space. The Program emphasizes the milestones that emerge over time, forming building blocks for growth and continued learning. Your child will be  encouraged to explore and express ideas in an environment that is supportive and nurturing.

The Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is comprised of Center Time to address academic growth through exploration and discovery; Play, focusing on language development and the opportunity to navigate their social world; and Specialty Instruction, such as Spanish, physical education and music/movement.

During Center Time, students learn pre-reading skills, math concepts and focus on language acquisition. Additionally, they experience sensory integration, practice fine and gross motor skills, develop cognitively and expand socialization skills. The children also have regular opportunities to interact with other Rohan Woods students and faculty through recess and Buddy Time. Pre-Kindergarten students are fortunate to have the unique experience of being little buddies to the Second Grade students and big buddy role models to the Early Childhood students.

Whether in their small and structured classroom, with a specialist teacher, or outside exploring the larger world, Rohan Woods three-year olds will begin their nine-year journey with us in a safe and challenging environment. Your child will be encouraged to explore, ask questions, discover and start the journey to become a lifelong learner and cherished part of the Rohan Woods family.

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