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One of the ways we will share DEI information with you this year will be in the form of a brief update on a DEI theme, with some bite-size, grab-and-go resources, so welcome to the very first one! 

A quote from Arthur Chan (a DEI consultant) struck me as a great place to start this year.

“Diversity is a fact. 
Equity is a choice. 
Inclusion is an action. 
Belonging is an outcome.”

–Arthur Chan

This means the hard work of DEI can encompass many different aspects. Sometimes, we just need to be exposed to the facts of the world’s diversity. Global Studies Day on October 20 will be one way we can focus on learning about other cultures around us. I appreciate staff and faculty contributions so far for ideas about who we might invite to speak with our community and any further ideas are greatly appreciated!

What I love most about this quote, though, is that it makes it clear that we can’t simply force belonging to happen through the sheer power of our will and intentions. We must recognize the fact of diversity, make the choice to be equitable, and act in ways that are inclusive if we want to make more people feel that they belong in our community.

I look forward to the opportunity to advance our DEI initiatives and work alongside you to take RWS to the next level!

Alex Dzurick 
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist

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