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We have one central theme as we open our doors each morning; children are the heart of our school and all that we do.

Leadership and Academics meet and excel with PROJECT

At Rohan Woods, we are proud to say we are a school where leadership and academics meet. With one classroom per grade and a small, yet diverse, community of families, we can say with utmost confidence that your child will be truly known here. Our students excel because we encourage them to learn and grow not just by thinking but by doing with the PROJECT Approach to learning. PROJECT encourages each child to be his or her best, to make the choices and exhibit the behaviors of a leader, including confidence, cooperation, and communication. Age-appropriate leadership skills can be seen every day at Rohan Woods. Beginning with our youngest students in the Early Childhood room and peaking with PROJECT culminations with our JK though 6th grade students.

Developing leadership skills at all ages is part of our educational experience. Rohan Woods students matriculate through an articulated, structured leadership program that was developed from within, not introduced from the outside. Learning leadership traits no matter the age level is in the Rohan Woods DNA. It is who we are…striving to nurture, develop and discover the leader within.

At Rohan Woods, having a buddy is part of the leadership experience. Shared learning time sparks leadership, in a younger buddy looking up to an older buddy and in an older buddy having the opportunity to lead by example. There is no better way to learn leadership skills than by applying them in real time with supportive, caring adults.

The school ascribes to a global community service effort. Rohan Woods has partnered with another elementary school in the St. Louis metropolitan region to provide support in a number of ways. Sixth Grade students will lead the charge in the Rohan Woods School community by participating in the Student Council that establishes and executes philanthropic efforts toward making a positive impact on our school community.

And your choice narrows to one … Rohan Woods.

100 Students (from age 2 through Grade 6)

Project Based

Founded: 1937 ~~Celebrated 87 Years in 2024

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