Our Board

Rohan Woods School is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization

As such, our school is governed by a Board of Trustees which bears the fiduciary responsibility for the organization. Our Board consists of current parents, parents of recent graduates and community members and carries a strong commitment to the hallmarks of the School, including its small student body; its personalized, challenging academic program with a strong Project Approach; and its commitment to developing student respect, responsibility and leadership.

In support of the mission and those educational attributes, the Board carries out Long-Range Planning, Budget Overview, and Fundraising. Board rotation is governed by internal by-laws, which also encourages the strongest possible working relationship with the Head of School.


Officers and members of the 2022-2023 Board of Trustees:

  • Jamie Davidson — President
  • Amy Lottes — Vice-President
  • Amy Monroe — Secretary
  • Ben Hosto — Treasurer
    • Terrell Carter, Trustee
    • Mark Hannah, Trustee
    • Rob Heuermann, Trustee
    • Tahlisha Riley, Trustee
    • Scott Rhodes, Trustee
      • Sam Templin-Page; Head of School, ex-officio

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