Alumni Return to Share

Dear Rohan Woods Community:

Each year, I ask a handful of Rohan Woods alumni to visit and talk about their Seventh Grade experiences in their new secondary schools with our Sixth Graders. Every alum shares different perspectives on helpful hints for success. Coming back to our school is a great opportunity for our current students to ask “boots on the ground” questions, which are always indicative of what’s on their minds.

During this week’s session, our two alumni openly shared how they felt confident in their new environments, because they were so well prepared, not only in the academic arena, but the fact that executive functioning was actively taught. They also mentioned that, at Rohan Woods, they learned to confidently look an adult in the eye and ask for help whenever needed.

Faye Davidson, a Seventh Grader at Whitfield shared, “Rohan Woods prepared me academically… and also Project Approach was beneficial. It taught me to split up work in a group, ask teachers for clarification, plan stages for long-term assignments, and research specific topics. Another way that Rohan Woods helped me was with writing. Our English class taught me how write essays and use MLA format. This was very useful because teachers expect students to know how to do this… Rohan Woods also helped me grow socially by teaching me how to be kind, reach out for help, and make friends with new people.”

Bing Murphy, also in Seventh Grade at Whitfield, commented to our students that Project Approach taught him time management, collaborative skills, organization, and stretched his ability to be more flexible. He also felt our school prepared him for secondary school by teaching him to be respectful, responsible, and to use his leadership skills.

It’s always a pleasure to see how much our Seventh Grade alumni have grown and matured. They are a source of pride and great role models for those who are following in their footsteps.

All the best,

Sam Page
Head of School

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