Guardians of the School Mission

THE RWS Board of Trustees

According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Board of Trustees is the guardian of the school’s mission. It is the Board’s responsibility to ensure that the mission is relevant and vital to the community it serves and to monitor the success of the school in fulfilling its mission.

Trustees have the tall task of setting school policy to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. The Board accepts accountability for the financial stability and the future of the institution. Trustee members engage in strategic planning, oversee the operating budget and assets, and actively participate in fundraising.

In addition to those responsibilities, board members must possess a love for the school. The current Board is comprised of nine members; some of whom are current parents, alumni, alumni parents, and others who have no previous affiliation with the school. Board members must work collaboratively, creating an atmosphere of trust and camaraderie, making hard decisions that are in the best interest of the school. They spend their time working independently to tackle initiatives, interfacing as a group for discussion and decision making, and serving as a sounding board for the Head of School.

We had a nice group of parents who joined the board members at the coffee yesterday, connecting faces with names of this very important leadership group. It was a perfect opportunity to ask questions and get to know them as people. We are most fortunate to have the Board of Trustees that we do. These members shine brightly by providing support, while being actively involved in the work of the Board and its committees.

Rohan Woods School is in good hands, and the future looks very bright.

All the best,


Sam Page

Head of School

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