Secondary School Announcement

In the fall of each year, we begin preparing our Rohan Woods Sixth Grade families for the secondary school admissions process. We are extremely fortunate in St. Louis to have so many independent school options, but this can also be overwhelming for parents. Part of our service here at Rohan Woods is to provide guidance for our families to determine the best paths for their soon-to-be graduate. While some independent elementary schools may identify as “a feeder” to a particular secondary school, our landscape looks a little different.

Over the past 18 years, we have had students attend every secondary school in St. Louis. We take pride in our secondary school placement record, because due to our personalized support, we help families find a school that is a good fit for their child socially and academically, and where their entire family will feel a part of the new community.

Since 2007, 95% of Rohan Woods graduates have chosen independent schools over our public counterparts. The top six independent secondary schools chosen by our families are: Whitfield – 25%, John Burroughs – 16%, MICDS – 13%, Visitation – 12%, Chaminade – 9%, and Priory – 6%; with our graduates in 2024 accepting offers from John Burroughs, Visitation Academy, MICDS and Thomas Jefferson School.

Our children are prepared for their next school experience, which is evidenced by 98% of our graduates receiving admissions offers from their first-choice school. Academic readiness, respect, responsibility, and leadership are the hallmarks of our students’ success.

Congratulations to our amazing 6th grade class,


Sam Templin-Page, Head of School

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