A Roadmap for Success — Strategic Planning

The Board of Trustees has begun the process of updating our strategic plan for the school. This plan is like having a roadmap for success by helping set clear goals, identifying potential challenges, and ensuring that constituents are in agreement. 

The strategic plan is crucial to our success for a number of reasons. It provides clear direction and focus, and guides the way for resource allocation. With limited resources, it’s essential to allocate them effectively. By analyzing priorities, we ensure that time, money, and energy are directed toward the most critical areas.

The educational landscape is constantly evolving, so a strategic plan allows the school to be proactive rather than reactive. It helps anticipate changes, making the school more adaptable to new opportunities and challenges.

Strategic planning involves input from various stakeholders including teachers, parents, administrators, alumni, and Board of Trustees. This inclusivity ensures that different perspectives are considered which creates a more comprehensive and well-rounded plan. It also ensures that all key stakeholders understand the school’s goals and strategies. This makes members more likely to engage and support the school.

In the coming weeks, the parent body of Rohan Woods will receive a survey which will provide data to ascertain the perspectives of our parent population. Your thoughts and feedback are valuable and will help guide the direction of the strategic plan to support a sustainable future for our school. 

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful insights and perspectives.

All the best,


Sam Page

Head of School

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