Kachina Doll Presentations

The fifth graders introduced their kachina dolls to the other classes at Rohan Woods by telling the unique story and virtue represented by the doll. 

The Hopi were the first indigenous peoples to create kachina dolls to teach children about their history and tradition. They were given to Hopi children during ceremonies, then hung on the wall and studied afterward. Kachinas were not toys.

Each Hopi kachina carries a story about the history or a tradition of the tribe. The oral history and tribe culture are shared with generations using the dolls. Rohan Woods Fifth graders created kachina dolls from clay and wrote a story highlighting the positive virtue the doll had. Some of the virtues included: kindness, caring, forgiveness and respect.

By using the kachina as a means to learn and appreciate Native American art and culture, our students can honor the traditions of these ancient cultures.

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