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Engaging Academic Program

The curriculum at Rohan Woods is both vertical and horizontal in nature which ensures that students learn skills sequentially, and at the end of their tenure, are prepared for the rigors of middle school. Curricular strands are addressed throughout the week to build skills in mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, physical education, art, music, library science, Spanish and leadership.

Each child is challenged by unique academic experiences and expectations at Rohan Woods. On a daily basis, focus is placed on encouraging students to discover and uncover knowledge and learn skills that will carry them into secondary school and beyond.

Through project based learning, inquiry based instruction and hands-on engagement, students are exposed to numerous teaching methodologies tailored to small class sizes and individual success. Student learn the true meaning of personal responsibility by sequentially developing the understanding of how to take charge of their learning and ultimately their individual success.

As students matriculate through each grade, study, test taking and organizational skills are taught to prepare students for the rigors of middle school instruction. Fifth and Sixth Grade focuses on the application and independent practice of these skills with faculty providing support as needed. At Rohan Woods students are challenged, engaged and encouraged to learn and explore.

Please visit the individual grade level pages to learn more about our challenging curriculum.

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