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A comprehensive approach to all facets of art.

The Music Program gives attention to each child’s individual stage of development. Singing is extremely basic in a child’s connection to music and, for that reason, it is a major emphasis in the music program. All other musical experiences, whether listening, moving, creating, researching, dancing, or playing have singing at their core.

Instruments are introduced at the Junior Kindergarten level and are used through Sixth Grade as the students explore simple rhythmic patterns to learn the dynamics of music. Listening and identifying different classical and contemporary composers enable the students to look at all elements of music.

Performance plays an important part of the music program. Students perform often; for each other, for parents, and for friends of the school. Our major performances include the Winter Program, Grandparents’ Day, and the Spring Program.

The Art Program incorporates a comprehensive approach in which students are exposed to all facets of art. Instruction focuses on studio production, art history, art criticism and aesthetics. At an early age, students come to understand that to create their own art, they need to have an understanding and knowledge of other artists and cultures. Students are exposed to many mediums throughout the year. Drawing, painting, fiber art, printmaking, sculpture and ceramics are part of the art program. Research and writing are a part of the program as well. Skill building and specific instruction in technique, along with multiple opportunities to practice the skills, allow students to create wonderful works of art.

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