You, too, will be Amazed and Proud

Dear Rohan Woods Families:
I had an opportunity to spend time with the Sixth Graders this morning while they took the ISACS School Community Survey.  They were very serious as they addressed the task, taking time on the questions, pausing and reflecting when needed.  It was evident they were proud that the School cared about what they thought and that they were included.

One question on the survey pertained to inclusivity.  I asked the students if they needed an explanation of the benchmark language to clarify the question.  Collectively they declined on the help, one stating, “That’s what we work on every day.  We know how to work with all kinds of kids.”  I was very touched by these heartfelt statements and pleased that they are listening and engaging in being leaders. 

With the Thanksgiving break upon us, it gives you the opportunity to spend more time with your children; stop, take a moment and listen.  You, too, will be amazed and proud at how well balanced, kind and thoughtful they are. 

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving,


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