What can I do to help?

It seems no matter the media outlet, the primary focus of the current news cycle is the re-opening of schools.  Author and educator, Mike Magee, posted a tweet last week that addressed schools reopening.  Mr. Magee referred to his work in both K-12 and higher education for the past 25 years and said, “From a systems design and planning perspective, I’ve never seen anything remotely this complex.”

The school re-opening planning process has been complex, and while working through guidelines and best practices, I have been asked numerous times, “What can I do to help?”  I am so grateful for the generosity from people who feel empowered to be a part of the solution.  The bottom line – we want to be back in school.

Now, Rohan Woods community, I am going to ask for your help.  The spread of COVID-19 is on the rise throughout Missouri, including the St. Louis metropolitan region.  And there is one simple letter that you need to remember to individually, and as a family, help decrease the spread of the virus and increase the chance that schools reopen in August.  All you need to remember is the letter W to make an impact.

      Wear a mask.                  Wash your hands.             Watch your distance.

These three simple things will increase the viability that your children will be learning in school this fall.

All the best,


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