The sense of cheer, belonging and happiness fills the air

As I approached the Great Hall, I heard a low buzzing sound punctuated with laughter now and then.  Upon looking up, I saw our twenty Middle School students sprinkled at tables throughout the cafeteria.  When I looked more closely, I noticed our Junior Kindergarteners – all thirteen of them interacting with their older counterparts – it was their beloved buddy time.

I wish you could have witnessed the glowing faces as the JK students worked diligently to complete an art project that was messy and lovely all at the same time – there’s something about wet paint that spawns artistry like nothing else.  More importantly, I wish you could have heard the conversations between the groups – it would have warmed your heart and melted away any particle of stress you were feeling.  The Middle School students were happily and easily providing positive feedback to these budding young artists – and it was meaningful feedback, the kind that builds confidence and self-worth.   There, too, was awe on both sides of the table – the older kids looked adoringly at these little ones with messy hands, and reciprocally, the Junior Kindergarteners looked up at their buddies hanging on every word and smile.

The adults in the room moved about providing gentle guidance and redirection to the task at hand, all the while with grins on their faces and twinkly eyes.  As the students hovered over their art creations, the teachers pulled up sleeves and moved long hair out of the way to prevent children from going home covered in paint.  What I witnessed today exemplified the word cherished – from adults who I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

With the holiday season upon us, the sense of cheer, belonging and happiness fills the air.  I think most people have that experience but at Rohan Woods we’re lucky enough to have those feelings all the time at all age levels – not just a few short weeks in December.  So, as you’re wrapping gifts this year deciding if you’ve purchased enough, remember that you’ve already given your child the best gift of them all – a Rohan Woods experience comprised of strong academics mixed with a sense of belonging, built upon a foundation of confidence.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year,


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