The Magic of the Season

As the last page of our 2017 calendar is about to turn, I’m reminded that the days have flown past at great speed.  In our haste to welcome the holiday season, often times we move at such a quick pace that we are unable to savor this special time.

Recently, one the students excitedly shared the highlights of The Polar Express. The twinkle in his eye as he recounted details was heartwarming and brought back fond memories of watching the movie with my son.  In fact, his Third Grade year, Santa left a jingle bell under the tree for him.  One theme I love about The Polar Express is the overriding message it conveys.

Throughout the movie, the overall premise of “believing” in something is prevalent.  While the boy is most certainly the main character, the conductor is the one who keeps the ever-present thought of “believing” interwoven throughout the storyline.  It’s important to listen carefully to the conductor’s dialogue, because it is filled with symbolism.  At one point in the movie, he says, “Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” 

That one statement should cause us to slow our pace and not worry so much about whether the perfect gift was purchased, if our wrapping paper is coordinated or if we take a few minutes to watch a movie. That one quote sums up the magic of the season and serves as a gentle reminder for all of us to believe in the things we can’t see – joy, love, happiness and hope.

From everyone at Rohan Woods School, may your holiday season be filled with the magic of the season.

The warmest of regards,


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