The Game of Life

Feedback of some sort goes hand-in-hand with school settings.  The ongoing stream of conscious verbal feedback faculty provide for students helps shape classroom behaviors and is a means of supporting academic growth.  Depending on the developmental stage of students, often times systems are employed to support the verbal feedback by providing visuals and creating token economy systems.  The ultimate goal of any feedback system is to build intrinsic motivation to always strive to do your best socially, academically and behaviorally.

Kim Breckenridge, Rohan Woods science specialist, incorporated a highly innovative feedback system for science and health classes to create a classroom environment that is ripe for learning.  Upon entering Kim’s classroom you will immediately be drawn to The Game of Life board affixed to the wall.  Kim devised a feedback system focusing on positive classroom skills incorporating components of the game using the pieces, cards and general rules.  The students use the spinner and collectively make decisions regarding careers, salaries and major purchases.  What is fascinating about this system is the students are interactively engaged, collaborating, negotiating and making plans for their game of life in the classroom.  This promotes a healthy class environment and builds a sense of community among the students. 

Feedback systems are an important part of teaching students self-monitoring skills including sustaining attention, modulating how fast or slow they work, utilizing organizational skills and interfacing appropriately with peers and adults.  Mrs. Breckenridge is accomplishing much more than creating students who are ready to learn…she is setting the stage for Rohan Woods students who are ready for life.

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