The First Day of School…

The first day of school has finally arrived – and did so with excitement and smiles! I make it a habit of
visiting classrooms each morning to touch base with all of the students and faculty. It’s the perfect way
to start my day with cherub faces solidifying why we plan and work to provide an environment where all
children feel they belong. As I entered each classroom, children were happy and engaged, eagerly
interacting with their friends and teachers.

The past six weeks of planning included renovations to our building. The children were in awe of the
changes and excited for their new classroom experiences. When you have a chance, please thank the
faculty and staff for their collective efforts allowing us to open our doors today. Also, thank the faculty
and staff for their dedication to keeping your children safe. Great thought was put into mitigation
strategies to which faculty and staff adhere. The St. Louis County Department of Health recognizes the
commitment of school leaders in opening school this fall and in repeating our successes of last year.
Thank you for trusting Rohan Woods School with your most precious treasures. We recognize you have
taken a leap of faith in sending your children to school during these uncertain times. We are humbled
by your faith and look forward to building strong relationships with you to support your children while
they grow and learn.



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