Thankful for our School Community!

As we sit down at our Thanksgiving tables this year, the majority of us will have less place settings and fewer loved ones to share our turkey and pie.  As I have anticipated this day for weeks, the Page family will have the same experience as others; a quiet day spent together. Originally this brought on an air of sadness; we shouldn’t be sad.  We must all remember that regardless of our situation on any Thanksgiving, we simply can’t deny that we still have many blessings and that millions of people on Earth are less fortunate. 

As a school community, we are very thankful for the 28 new students who joined our Rohan Woods family this year.  We have smiles and friendships to share with our new children and their parents.  The new members of our community have already enriched our lives as much as we have enriched theirs.  We are grateful to have this opportunity to become home for so many who joined us this year. I know all of us in the Rohan Woods community also give thanks that our faculty and staff are so committed to the school and enabled us to create a safe environment where our children can learn and thrive on campus. 

I also imagine Thanksgiving Day will be filled with new ways to connect with our loved ones.  In this technological age, many of us will spend time together virtually.  We will have heartfelt conversations and trade smiles, brightening the days of grandmas and grandpas.  We will be thankful for the many blessings bestowed on us.

So, enjoy your time together this Thanksgiving holiday.  Start new family traditions that will be carried forward by your children for generations.  Be thankful that everyone in your family is safe, well cared for, and able to enjoy this holiday. 

Happy Thanksgiving,


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