School safety through the lens of information and proactive preparation

Our Open House on Thursday gave many families a chance to see our school and ask questions, and one reoccurring question was about school safety.  With the evening news and online headlines replaying the recent event in Florida, we heard – first hand – that safety measures are now top-of-mind with prospective parents.  On Thursday, we answered their questions, but I also thought that you, our current parents, would appreciate information about our school safety program. 

Rohan Woods School views school safety through the lens of information and proactive preparation.  We have an articulated crisis management plan in place addressing emergency preparedness with the focus on the safety of those in the building.  Part of our proactive preparation is our policy of locked external doors.  We have cameras with office viewing screens – and most of you have experienced the loud “unlock” buzzer, providing access to the building through the front door.   For safety, we have several cameras, an annual review of our crisis management plan, and we conduct staff intruder drills along with full school fire and tornado drills.

We know you entrust your children into our school every day, and we appreciate your confidence and support.  


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