Rohan Woods School join us on the Huntsman campus

Monday, 12; September, 2016, 

–Rohan Woods School–

Every other year middle school students from Rohan Woods School in St. Louis, Missouri join us on the Huntsman campus for a week of marine biology. Throughout the week the students are introduced to different habitats and animals that live in the bay. Here are some pictures from their week in St. Andrews.   


Phytoplankton and zooplankton were collected while on the research vessel.



Sorting through the animals collected from the bottom of the bay.


The students collected lots of live animals to study in the lab, including sea stars.


They also found a sea mouse! (Which is a worm.)


Collecting data on the temperature and salinity in the bay.    Low tide!

In the lab studying the plankton using the microscopes.

Identifying and describing the animals collected from the research vessel.

Watching the salmon feeding while touring the Huntsman Fundy Discovery Aquarium.



Conducting an experiment to understand ocean currents. Note the hot water (red) on the top and the cold water (blue) on the bottom.

Exploring the intertidal zone.

The students found lots of sea stars!

How does size affect the flipping rate of sea stars and urchins?

Learning about the bird banding station on campus.

The banders demonstrated how to tell the age on the birds.

One of the beautiful birds collected and waiting to be banded.

Depending on the size of the birds some of the bands are pretty small.


Collecting marine debris and data along the shoreline. Our data will be submitted to the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup.



Heading out into the Bay of Fundy to go whale watching onQuoddy Link Marine.

The students saw a young humpback whale identified as the 2015 calf of Spoon.  

He is only 18 months old and came up covered in mud!



On the hunt for the invasive green crab.



Once collected the crabs were measured and marked.





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