Professional development is an important component to the success of any school

Professional development is an important component to the success of any school.  In order to stay current, it is of great importance to know what’s happening outside your microcosm.  Learning from and listening to colleagues who are experts in the field of instruction, curricula and pedagogy, provide benchmarks by which to evaluate student performance and programming.

The faculty and staff experienced a real treat prior to the first day of school when Mr. Peter Dry, Dean of Innovation and Academics at Principia, lead our workshop.  I had the pleasure of first connecting with Peter last winter as he led two separate workshops encompassing innovation in schools. Peter focuses on professional development and equipping professionals with the tools to incorporate student-led discovery and authentic learning with an emphasis on entrepreneurial thinking.  While at Rohan Woods, Peter shared information on growth mindset, a key component of a school poised for innovation and dynamic thinking. 

Just a few weeks later, the entire faculty and staff received CPR and AED training.  Instruction on safety and student care is always top-of-mind.  This training takes place on a biennial basis so that we are ready to confidently manage emergency situations.

In the month of November, three faculty members will travel to North Carolina for a two day conference that brings educators from across the world onsite to learn about project work, curriculum training and exploration.  This training allows RWS faculty to prepare our students to become problem solvers and innovators.  To date, six faculty members have already had this experience, with three more following this fall.

At the same time, two Rohan Woods employees will attend the ISACS (Independent Schools of the Central States) conference in Detroit.  Once a year, ISACS schools descend upon a city to collectively listen to speakers and colleagues for the sole purpose of continued education and mentoring. It is an incredibly deep dive into all facets that make up independent schools.

So, if your children come home and announce at the dinner table that their teacher was gone due to attending a conference or workshop, you can smile with comfort and pride for two reasons.  One, your child’s teacher enjoys continued education and all it has to offer and two, the teacher wants the very best for your class – to stay current and fresh to make learning come alive.

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