Opening Day of School

As the opening day of school approached, with each day that ticked by, the pace became fast and furious.  Most likely, because we were in the midst of realizing our vision that unfolded during the summer.  People often make comments about how teachers have the summer off.  I want to share a little secret with you…they are never off.  Near the end of each school year, they begin to brainstorm improvements and new techniques to enhance the following year.  They move into full planning mode for the fall the minute the school year closes in May. 

No two opening days are the same, except for one thing – the excitement and anticipation of a new year.  The faculty diligently and meticulously plan and prepare for this day. As the students approach the building clad in an outfit that was carefully selected for this special occasion, smiles erupt, and giggles can be heard.  New backpacks hang on shoulders ready to be filled with accomplishments.  A sense of newness abounds, and the excitement of possibilities fills the building.

I want to welcome the new families joining our Rohan Woods community this fall.  I also want to welcome returning families.  Thank you all for your commitment to the school, for your commitment to your children and for the support you show our entire community.  It is quite remarkable and enchanting, all wrapped up in a sense of comfort, kindness and trust.  It is Rohan Woods.


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