It’s great when graduates return to Rohan Woods…

It’s always a pleasure when you have an opportunity to reconnect with people.  Five years after graduating from Rohan Woods, Paige Wilder and Maria Pace returned to us for the month of May.  Paige and Maria are both seniors at Whitfield School where students are required to complete an internship as part of their graduation requirement.  We were lucky enough to have them both choose to return to their alma mater, a home in which they immediately felt comfortable.  Paige and Maria rotated their attention between our science program and Junior Kindergarten so that they could experience various developmental levels.  These graduating students have their sites set on working with children either in an educational setting or private practice.

The first day the girls began their internship, they were flooded with memories of their time within our walls.  They recalled traditions that brought them joy and a sense of belonging.  Paige Wilder shared that, “Completing my internship at Rohan woods provided experiences that I will never forget, and it made me feel like I was home again. I loved seeing all of the smiling faces, feeling the warm hugs, and I built relationships with the kids that reinforced my desire to build a career in helping children.”  Maria Pace also communicated that, “I loved learning about how kids process tasks that seem simple to adults, like writing a name or eating lunch.  I found the kids’ natural curiosity inspiring, and it pushed me to think about what I do to improve myself every day.  I had such an amazing internship experience at my alma mater!”

We are so pleased to see such love and hope in two of our fine graduates.  They have grown to become incredible young women who will contribute great things to the lives of children.  We are so very proud of all they have accomplished.  Paige will be heading off to Howard University this fall while Maria will become a St. Louis University Billiken.

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