It Takes a Village

There have been many times in the past that we have referred to the phrase “it takes a village” when speaking of our unique community at Rohan Woods.  That phrase is also most appropriate when referring to our fundraising and friendraising efforts such as this year’s dinner and auction.

The sheer magnitude of orchestrating a successful auction is so great that we only produce one every two years. Even though Meredith Albus, our Director of Development, was away on maternity leave, the committed group of volunteers continued its tasks working toward one goal – to host a fabulous Masquerade Dinner and Auction. When you have an opportunity, please thank our auction committee comprised of:

Tina Berg-Gardner, James Gardner, Danielle Evitts, , Erin Hendon, Valerie Hoffmann, Sarah Krussel, Nikki Murphy, Laurie Newcomb, Kristen Rhodes, Rachel Rhodes, Tahlisha Riley, and Julia Smith

A huge applause goes out to our faculty/staff volunteers who are a huge help:

Carly Coleman, Jenn Burkert, Patti Francis, Dave Howren,
Margaret Moore, Colleen Piel, Liza Sullivan, and Katina Truman

Also, please thank our numerous sponsors for the evening:

Dave and Angela Biales, Dr. Brown’s, Jeffrey and Danielle Evitts,
Chris and Alexa Gibson, Mark and Sara Hannah and
Evergreen Wealth Strategies, Burton and Pam Lee, Sam and Sam Page,
Will and Carolyn Skowyra and Remedy Intelligent Staffing  

Even though the Masquerade Dinner and Auction is April 22nd, there is still time to become a sponsor or purchase a table or single tickets for the event.   This will help us reach our fundraising and attendance goals.  We hope to have our school filled with the entire current parent population, as well as past parents, family, friends and community members.  Another opportunity to help is to underwrite an auction expense such as decorations.  Please contact Meredith at to see how you can help. 

Again, it takes a village to make these fundraising efforts a success, so put on your favorite Masquerade ensemble and join us for a fabulous evening.



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