Head for a Day — Eventful and Exhausting

One positive thing about being the head of the school is that you are always doing something so you never get bored. Also, you get to help with recess and lunch duty. That is fun because there are little kids which are always the best. Finally, you get to be in meetings which can be fun because there are many topics, and you might learn new things. One bad thing about being the head of the school is that sometimes you have so much work that it can be exhausting. Second, sometimes there might be something you don’t understand, and there is no boss for you to ask a question. Last of all, it might not be the best sometimes because you are in charge of everyone, and you don’t want to accidently let someone down.

When I am older I might possibly want to be a head of school.  It would be eventful, and I would be around kids. Another reason is, I would get to take on big responsibilities and challenges which can be fun. Finally, I get to know a lot of people because I would talk to other schools sometimes, and you would also get to know all of your students and their families.


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