Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

I have a framed inscription in my house that has hung on the wall for a few years.  My attention has been drawn to it repeatedly lately. The inscription is a quote by our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt, “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”  Due to the pandemic that has overwhelmed our nation, this seems so timely and something important to share with you.

None of us were prepared to have our lives drastically changed in a matter of weeks.  While we heard news stories of other people in other countries, the reality that this virus would seep into our cities and counties was but a fleeting thought a month ago.  Now we are facing challenges that have struck very close to home with a dramatic presence. I am one who looks for the positives in challenging situations – the outcomes we discover as events unfold oftentimes surprises us.  And as I strategically plan for our school to continue to thrive, I pleasantly discovered many positive aspects of our “new normal” tucked in between the clouds of the unknown.

We have several medical professionals who are a part of our parent body.  These professionals shine brightly in a city that is waging a war on this virus and function as protectors for patients, their families, and colleagues who serve on the battle front.  These professionals possess the skills to make a difference for the patient who is under their care. My thoughts surround these folks – please know you have our support, our gratitude and our prayers for your service and safety.  

For our stellar faculty and staff, I’m aware that virtual teaching did not enter your mind last spring as you signed your contract for this year.  You have worked endless hours, researching, planning and executing an online learning program that is thoughtful and designed to advance our curriculum.  You have also spent countless hours supporting students and parents as they find their way through routines to learn from home. You have discovered through your strength, new ways of teaching and that tenacity is part of your core.  I am delighted to be associated with you and take pride in your accomplishments.

Our parent body has been on the front line for more than three weeks now.  With vacations canceled and children continuously at home, you have had to learn a new way of life that includes creating a classroom for your children, helping them not only cope with the world and adult circumstances, but with virtual learning and all that it brings.  While many of you were nervous about this new endeavor, you found the strength to take each day as it comes, adjust, and try again the next day. You are the pillars of strength for your children–helping them manage through their ever changing life.

I believe wholeheartedly in President Roosevelt’s wise words…Each day, we do what we can, with what we have, where we are.  And I dare say, Rohan Woods community, we’re doing a spectacular job!

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