COVID-19 Update

Before we opened school on August 18th, COVID-19 numbers were climbing in St. Louis County and City.  As we put the final touches on mitigation strategies a few days prior to the start of school, internally I hoped that the faculty would get at least a month of in-person instruction with their children.  I felt it was important to have four weeks to get to know these children as learners and bond with them to build trust before going to a virtual learning environment.

We are beginning our seventh week of school, and while we have had a few bumps in the road, we have been on campus every single day and plan to do so moving forward.  

As we move into October, medical professionals, both nationally and locally, are predicting a harsh flu season.  While I will not require that all students, families, and personnel get flu shots, I highly recommend it with the counsel of personal physicians.  My family got our vaccinations this weekend in an effort to stave off the flu which symptomatically could mirror COVID-19. 

In the spirit of educating our community and keeping everyone healthy, I want to share information from a study by Duke University centered on various masks and their ability to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Gator masks, the masks that fit around the neck and can be pulled up over the face, are quite popular, especially among students.  According to Ravina Kullar, PharmD, MPH, FIDSA, a leading expert in infectious diseases, be mindful of the material composition of the gator masks.  Dr. Kullar warns when holding up a gator mask, “If you see daylight, then it is likely that the mask will not perform well in preventing viral spread.”  Parents, please check your child’s masks with this quick visual evaluation.

Again, I want to thank you for your continued support of Rohan Woods School and your vigilance in keeping our school community safe.

All the best,


Sam Templin-Page
Head of School

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