Campaigning, Voting and Learning

Dear Rohan Woods Parents:

The students at Rohan Woods are fortunate to have a multitude of opportunities to develop oral communication skills.  This is addressed through work in small and large groups where children practice eye contact, voice projection and speaking clearly.  These experiences afford a platform for students’ voices to be heard articulating personal opinions, providing feedback and expounding on individual areas of expertise.  

Tuesday is election day.  Every four years we capitalize on this American right as a means of teaching students about the political process of campaigning, voting, learning of the outcome and moving forward.  This process is a springboard for conversations pertaining to patriotism, participation, and having your voice heard.

It is of great importance for the children to understand the political process without getting caught up in actual candidates and their platforms.  The students will focus on voting for their favorite eagle (that’s our mascot) to use internally.  The eagle with the popular vote will intermittently be used on spirit wear or internal communication pieces. We relish the opportunity to use the voting process as a vehicle for learning at school and at home.

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