An Articulated Curriculum is the Framework of our School

An articulated curriculum is the framework of our school that guides our faculty on the path of teaching your children.  As new practices in elementary education emerge, Rohan Woods proactively compares these private and public initiatives to our curriculum to create the best learning structure for our school.  Because of this ongoing process, we integrated Singapore Math: Math in Focus; adopted the Project Approach to Learning; instituted a prescribed writing curriculum; and fine-tuned our handwriting instruction.  Recently our entire Social Studies curriculum was revisited to include global citizenry and diversity while maintaining focus on geography and history.

Our faculty has evaluated each discipline of our curriculum vertically, horizontally and with an interdisciplinary view. Vertical curriculum review ensures that what students learn in one lesson, course or grade level, prepares them for the next.  When curriculum is horizontally evaluated, we assess whether our students are learning what would be expected at that grade level.  A interdisciplinary review has paved the path of adding Project into our approach for learning.  While taking this deep dive into our curriculum, our faculty created Curriculum Maps which visually set the path for the sequential learning.

The faculty has worked diligently, spending hours creating grade level curriculum maps.  The goal is to have a final draft ready by late spring –just in time to align with fall planning.  It’s been a rewarding experience to watch this process unfold and produce great results for your children.

THANK YOU – Rohan Woods Faculty – for all the time, attention and care you put into taking our school to the highest level of learning for our students today and into the future.


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