Virtual Visits (Open House) planned for all classes

How do you know what it’s like in any school right now?  COVID-19 makes it difficult to walk through a school or visit a classroom. We know you want to see it — and hear it.  That’s why we are doing Virtual Visits via ZOOM, each one specifically for a small group of classes –so we “take” you into the classrooms and specialty rooms — just like we would do if we had an in-person Open House — instead, you’ll be watching on Zoom. 

The Zoom Virtual Visits start at 9:00am and run for about an hour.  However, we will stay on Zoom longer if the Q&A continues.   When you’re in the ZOOM Virtual Visit,  you’ll have the opportunity to meet our Head of School, Mrs. Sam Page — and visit our highlighted classrooms and look through the Specialty Wing that houses the Art Room, Music Room, Full-Size Gymnasium and Science Lab.   

We already had our Virtual Visit for our Early Childhood (EC), Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten classes (ages 2-4) on Wednesday – November 18th and the Virtual Visit for Senior Kindergarten, First and Second Grade in late January, 2021. If you missed these days — and would like information about these age/grade levels, please complete the request for information form CLICK HERE or call: 314-821-6270  

Next our focus will be on our Upper Grade Classes – Third, Fourth and Middle School (5th AND 6th) – Tuesday, April 20, 2021 at 9am –  
and we will send you the link to the ZOOM Virtual Visit.

And we are ALWAYS available to set up a private tour where we can walk around the outside of the school.   

To request more informationCLICK HERE

Sam Templin-Page, Head of School, explains the rational behind the Zoom Open House event. “We are proud of our powerful sense of community and caring at Rohan Woods, and we want parents who may be interested in applying to see the school in action–even with the restrictions we have with COVID-19. This gives you a chance to see with teachers, walk through the school, see the day-to-day interaction and ask questions.”  We will take real-time questions through the Chat area on Zoom.

Virtual Visit ZOOM attendees will observe children engaged in classroom activities in a safe and COVID-conscience atmosphere. For more information, email:  or call: 314-821-6270

Rohan Woods, an accredited, independent elementary school and member of the Independent Schools of St. Louis, is a unique school which creates a challenging academic environment blended with a project approach to learning that has a focus on leadership.  

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