The Fund A Need portion of WeBid is still active from the Auction

Masquerade Dinner and Auction – A couple people have asked if there is still a way to support the dinner and auction since they were not able to attend the event.  YES!  

The Fund A Need portion of WeBid is still active.  I have attached a video that explains the needs we will fund with dollars raised. An extra special thank you to Middle Schooler JD Downes for helping produce the video.  

Below are the instructions on how to login and donate via WeBid.  Alternatively, you may reach out to me directly with a donation amount at  All donations will be on your next invoice.

 Mobile Donation: 

To log on:  Open a browser on your phone/computer and navigate to:

Log in      Username is your First name.Last name (example Meredith.Albus)      Password is rohanwoods

                If you have trouble logging in, please email For almost all cases, we have used your name as it is listed in the buzz book.

Once you are logged in, click Home (again scroll to the very bottom). This will take you to the Fund A Need section where you can select your level of giving and "Buy Now".   

Donating through WeBid will be available until Friday at 8pm.    

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Meredith Albus – Development Director (ROHAN WOODS SCHOOL)

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