Secondary School Placement

Secondary school placement is top of mind with some of our current families. While some independent elementary schools may identify as a feeder to a particular secondary school, our landscape looks a little different. There is not one independent secondary school that a Rohan Woods graduate hasn’t attended. We take pride in our secondary school placement record because we look at each child and family to help them choose a school that is the best fit. Through personalized discussions, we help families find a school that fits their child academically and where their entire family will feel a part of the community.

Since 2007, 90% of Rohan Woods graduates chose independent schools over our public counterparts. Out of those choosing independent secondary schools, 23% of our graduates have attended Whitfield School, 13% chose John Burroughs, and 12% decided upon MICDS. Our children are prepared for their next school experience, which is evidenced by 98% of our graduates receiving an admissions offer from their first choice school. Academic readiness, respect, responsibility, and leadership are the hallmarks of our students’ success.

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