School Tour dates for Rohan Woods School

Why do we have our School Tour Day on a School Day?   We want you to experience –first hand –what a day is like at Rohan Woods School.   
CLICK HERE TO RSVP   (Select one of the open times on the calendar)   Your tour will take approximately 1 hour.

You’ll see the activities and interaction between students and teachers as you walk through the school. 
The Open House starts at 9am and runs until 11am.  Please reserve a time that works for you — CLICK HERE.  When you’re here, you’ll have the opportunity to walk through classrooms and the Specialty Wing that houses the Art Room, Music Room, Full-Size Gymnasium and Science Lab.   If the weather cooperates, walk outside and see our science garden, flower and vegetable gardens, and prairie program.
When you arrive, you’ll see a sign in table — if you RSVP ahead of time, most of that information will already be completed on your form.  Then you will have a staff member or parent volunteer take you on your tour.  Ask all your questions — this is your time to learn all about the school.  
Rohan Woods, an accredited, independent elementary school and member of the Independent Schools of St. Louis, is a unique school which creates a challenging academic environment blended with a project approach to learning that has a focus on leadership. 
Thursday – February 6  CLICK HERE TO RSVP
And we are ALWAYS available to set up a private tour at your convenience.   To request more information, CLICK HERE
Sam Templin-Page, Head of School, explains the rational behind the “school day” Open House event. “We are proud of our powerful sense of community and caring at Rohan Woods, and we want parents who may be interested in applying to see the school in action. This will give them a chance to talk with teachers and other parents, walk through the school, see the day-to-day interaction and ask questions.”

Open House visitors will observe children engaged and experiencing the one-to-one personal instruction that a small school provides while participating in activities in a project learning atmosphere. For more information, or call: 314-821-6270



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