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It is a delight to have the Parents’ Association (PA) back in full swing after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. We missed the activity and energy parents bring to our school and events. This organization was created by parents for parents more than five decades ago so that all parents are involved in the school. The role of the Parents’ Association is to support the school, faculty, board, and administration in maintaining a quality education and nurturing environment for our children. The purpose of the PA is to be a forum for community activities, parent education, fundraising, friend-raising, and ongoing school support. All parents are considered members of the Parents’ Association.

volunteer_graphicThere are four Parents’ Association Officers: Mark Waelterman – President, Corey Reuwee – Vice President, Teresa Feathers – Secretary, and Jill Jensen – Treasurer. In the June Parent Survey, the officers all expressed interest in taking a leadership role in the school and were nominated and voted on by the parent body. These parents serve as the leadership of the organization supporting a number of parent-driven initiatives, school activities and events, and meet monthly with Rohan Woods administration. Ten Class Ambassadors serve as conduits for information to parents in individual classes, to answer questions that may arise, and serve as parent guides and family buddies for new parents and students.

The Parents’ Association also serves as the foundation for fund and friend-raising efforts. Officers of the Parents’ Association and Class Ambassadors serve in key leadership roles managing school events like Trivia Night, Teacher Appreciation Week, Global Gathering, Book Fair, Birthday Signs, and TJ’s Pizza. Proceeds from any Parents’ Association sponsored event are earmarked to support the school. So far this year, the PA financially sponsored the ISACS Parent Webinar Series that was communicated in the last newsletter. The useful one-hour webinars were created for independent school parents to help you support your children in their areas of development. In the last six years, the PA generously donated the fence around the Science Garden, on a two-year cycle funded the remodeling of the boys’ bathroom in the Specialty Wing, and paid for upgrades to the playground climbing structure. During the pandemic, while few fund and friend-raising events occurred, the PA happily supported the teachers with gift cards, lunches, and snacks; directly impacting the spirits of employees and sending the message of gratitude. The Parents’ Association plays a vital role in the success of the school and building of a strong community.

It is so wonderful to return to a school year with an active Parents’ Association. If you have questions regarding the PA, please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of the Officers. Your active involvement directly supports our school in a number of ways.

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