Welcome back to Science class at Rohan Woods!  I am excited to observe, explore, create, and learn with you all this year. 

While you all were on summer break, things in the beehive and garden were busy!  Our gardens grew and our bees were, well, busy!  Unfortunately, the bees decided that our observation hive was not the place for them and about two weeks ago they absconded.  Absconding is different from swarming.  With a swarm, the queen and about half of the bees leave the hive to find another home while the remaining bees create a new queen and continue on in the original hive.  To abscond means that the entire colony leaves the hive to find a new home.  There are many possible reasons why this may have happened, but unfortunately we just don’t know why it happened to us.  Fortunately, we were able to obtain a new partial colony of bees and they are very happy in their new home!  Hopefully they are out in our native prairie habitat right now enjoying the yummy pollen and nectar that those plants have to offer.


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