Welcome Sounds!

Drums, Xylophones, Recorders, and Singing in the Music room are the welcome sounds these days!

Everyone from the youngest to the oldest has an innate desire to make a "joyful noise!"   Whether the crash of the cymbal or a steady beat, the sound makes everyone want to move their feet!

Early Childhood,PreK and Kindergarten classes sang a song derived from a poem called "The Little Turtle."  Songs like "Dancing Down the Alley," and "Looby Loo," encourage children to move and dance.  We're also learning songs about trees and planting to make things grow.

First, Second, and Third Grades learned an original song called "What's the Word" which requires motion, following a beat, and being creative.

Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grades were assigned a recorder and the Home Group began learning a simple melody called "Email!"


A recent trip to Cedar Lake allowed Mr. D. to take a picture of swans.  This was shared with young classes where some have never seen a real swan! Since we are lining up to the song "Swan" by Camille Saint-Saens, it seemed like a good picture to share!

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