Weekly Update

Students have been so busy learning new science in all of the classes at RWS! Here is a snapshot of what everyone has been up to…


  • read Pressure PeteQuincy Quake, Ronnie Rock, and Susie Sound from the "Quirkles" book series
  • investigated pressure by using broken straws and earthquakes by building a structure and watching what happens in an earthquake situation 
  • made a crystal garden


  • identified the difference between a rocky planet and a gas planet
  • compared and contrasted the shape, size, location, and colors of the planets
  • began paper mache process to create planets for the class planet display


  • started force, motion, and simple machine unit
  • experimented with how gravity works
  • experimented with how friction works depending on the objects in motion and the surface they are moving across
  • identified and experimented with the connection between slope and mass
  • understood that magnets are a force that can cause motion




  • continued to research the flora and fauna of their biomes
  • worked in groups to use the Missouri Botanical Gardens website to investigate plants in each biome
  • traveled to the St. Louis Zoo to observe and document animals in their biomes
  • started creating iMovie's about their biome using information they have gathered in research, from zookeepers, and from observation


  • continued study of land and water interactions
  • experimented with how the shape of the land (hills, boulders, mountains) changes the direction and flow of water
  • started creating dams in their streamtables to save the town of Gaveo from a flood situation


  • experimented with computer coding using the "Scratch" computer program
  • learned basic aspects of coding including: making objects move, adding sounds, starting a dance, repeating movements, how to get their programs to start, changing colors within the program, changing backdrops, etc.
  • students have had to work on problem solving through their coding
  • learned how to share their programs and offer constructive critiques of these programs
  • learned how to "debug" programs


  • took quiz over Earth's resources
  • started simple machines unit
  • investigated types of energy, what energy transfer is, and the law of conservation of energy





  • continued magnetism unit
  • created compasses using magnets
  • created and used their own electromagnets
  • used electromagnets to create a "hat pin" motor
  • used a magnet, copper wire, a D cell battery, and two paperclips to create a working motor


  • started study of the human life cycle


  • studied the anatomy of the heart
  • learned the jobs of the major parts of the heart
  • started dissection of a sheep heart


  • Second Grade students "winterized" the seeds that they collected while at Litzsinger Road Ecology Center this fall.  Eddie Jones, our liaison from Litzsinger, came to class and helped us with this process.  Once the seeds have finished being "winterized" we will begin planting them them in small containers and grow them indoors.  Hopefully they will grow into the plants we will plant in our new native prairie habitat.
  • As always, we continue to have a "Sustainability Star of the Week." Please encourage your children to be good citizens of our Earth. They can do this by treating our Earth as they would a member of their family. It is my hope that they are all reducing, reusing, recycling, and rotting (composting) when away from the science lab. Every little bit helps!

Kim Breckenridge Science Specialist


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