Upper Spanish Web Update

Returning from Spring Break, students are learning about La Salud y El Cuerpo (Health and Body). 

With the use of the Paraguayan Legend "La Leyenda de la Yerba Mate"(The Legend of the Yerba Mate), students will be able to:

  • identify the parts of the body.
  • tell what part of my body hurts.
  • tell how someone is and how they feel.
  • explain the importance of yerba mate. 

Additionally, students will be introduced to the verbs ser and estar.  Both forms mean "to be".  Students will learn the different forms of ser and star and when it is appropriate to use them.   Ser is used to describe someone physically and to say where someone is from.  Whereas estar is used to say how someone is doing or how they feel and to say someone's location.

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