Upper Level Spanish Update

Through a Guatemalan folktale La Leccion de un Padre (A Father’s Lesson), the third and fourth graders will finish learning about…

…the community this week.  They can name different jobs and professions, tell what they want to be when they grow up, and where in the community they want to go.  Students will next be introduced to the body with a Bolivian legend El Armadillo.  They will be able to name different body parts, say what part of their body hurts, and recognize body words.

The fifth and sixth graders are working towards studying health and the body.  After learning of La Leyenda de la Yerba Mate (The Legend of the Yerba Mate), a Paraguayan legend, students will identify the parts of the body, tell what part of their body hurts, tell how someone is and how they feel, and also explain the importance of yerba mate.

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