Upper Level Spanish Update

This month, the third and fourth graders will…

…learn the days of the week.  Through "La Legend de Tenochtitlán" (The Legend of Tenochtitlan), By the end of the unit, they will be able to talk about yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Next they will learn the months of the year through the use of the story "La Flor de Lirolay" (The Lirolay Flower), an Argentinian folktale.  Students will be able to name the months of the year, and say when their birthdays are.  

The fifth and sixth graders, with the help of a Chilean story "La Tortuga Complejos" will name and describe their favorite animals, tell what they like and don't like, as well as compare two things to each other.  Next students will learn of a Guatemalan folktale to help them describe the weather.  Students will also describe the four seasons and identify what clothing they wear in certain climates.


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