Upper Level Spanish Update

Heading into March, the fifth and sixth grade students…

…are studying la ropa (clothes).  With the help of a Honduran legend "La Familia Real" (The Real Family), about a family well known for their brightly colored clothing, students will acquire a variety of new vocabulary.  In addition to their online lessons, this past week, the students were introduced to the idea of conjugating -ar/-er/-ir verbs.  For many, this is brand new, so we're taking it one step at a time with a reference sheet and different activities in their interactive notebooks.  Soon, students will be able to conjugate a variety of verbs on their own in response to writing prompts in the notebooks.

Third and fourth grade have been busy learning about weather and the seasons.  In a Paraguayan legend, "La Leyenda del Girasol" the daughter of the chief is in love with the sun god.  Ultimately to keep her safe, the sun god turns the young girl into a sunflower.  Today, sunflowers always face the sun like the young girl used to do.

Within the past couple of weeks, students have been introduced to a new game, "El Jalapeño".  The third and fourth graders, in particular, love this game.  Not only does it allow them to get up and moving in the classroom, but they carry out short conversations in which the students use the knowledge they've acquired from the Middlebury Interactive program.


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