Upper Level Spanish Update

Before break, the fifth and sixth graders received their new…

…interactive notebooks for Spanish class.  In these notebooks, students have been gathering vocabulary and other helpful information.  Through a variety of assignments and activities, students will create a great reference tool!  Along with working in their notebooks, students in the fifth and sixth grade have been working towards learning the calendar and traditions.  Through a Spanish folktale, Ratón Pérez ("Perez the Mouse"), students will be able to say the months of the year, when their birthday is, and compare birthday celebrations in Spanish-speaking countries to their own culture.

Upon their return from break, the third and fourth graders have been reviewing the first eight units of study.  In the weeks ahead, they will be presented with a new authentic story, a Mayan legend called La Luciérnaga "The Firefly", in order to identify and name a variety of animals.  

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