In December, the Middle School students took part in the Hour of Code.  Each student learned coding through various iPad apps and websites including: code.org, Hopscotch, Lightbot, Cargobot, Kodable and MIT Scratch.  Students at Rohan Woods have numerous opportunities to creatively solve problems, and coding is another way to learn.  For more information about the importance of children learning to understand computer language, check out code.org.  Your students can also use this link to learn more at home. 

An exciting part of being a middle school student is leadership opportunities.  One of these is being lunch league captains.  Every sport rotation, new teams are chosen.  Currently the students are beginning floor hockey.  As new captains join together, they are working on creating silly team names in the spirit of having fun while learning sports and working as a team.  They decorate their team page to display on the Lunch League bulletin board.

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