Third/Fourth Math

Alright!  We’ve definitely gotten into the swing of things in Third and Fourth Grade!  Can you believe it’s October already?  Both classes are moving right along in our math curriculum these days.  Third Grade just wrapped up working on how to use rounding and estimation to ensure that their answer is accurate.  Now we move on to multi-digit addition and subtraction to hone our skills there, then we move to bar models which will help us learn how to compare data.  

Fourth Grade also finished up their chapter of estimation, which also included learning the concepts of factors, multiples, and prime numbers.  They got a little bit of practice with area and array models to help them break up big multiplication problems into smaller ones, which then can be easier to figure out.  Fourth Grade is moving on to multi-digit multiplication and division from here.  Both of those operations can seem daunting at times, but the students learn multiple strategies in order to solve their problems accurately. 

One of the great things about math in Third and Fourth Grade is that math also gets to be fun!  On Tuesdays, we use our time to play math games in the classroom.  These games vary in both type (e.g. dice games, card games, etc.) and operation (e.g. addition, subtraction).  So far, the class favorite has been the card game of Golf, where each player tries to get the lowest score in a round.  It’s very easy to learn, but teaches counting skills, as well as helping memory and strategy.  If you’re ever up for a game, feel free to stop by!  But beware: We’ve got some real card sharks here.  🙂

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