The School Year Ends but the Music Lives On!

A Big Thank You to all who helped make it a banner year!

First and foremost: A BIGGGG Thank you to all the parents and beautiful stars (children) who helped make this one of the best years ever in music!  When the end of the year festivities come to a close, we pause, take a big breath, say a big thank you and then… keep going!

The Spring Program "America the Beautiful" was well received and resonated with so many people! Visitors, parents, students, faculty, and Administration all heard and shared positive comments about how involved the students were and how expressive they were in singing and sharing the songs.  The HOME group (Honors Orff Music Ensemble) performed an instrumental version of "America" (Our Country Tis of Thee) and all-in-all everyone enjoyed the program!

End of year class activities involved reviewing musical concepts learned during the year and celebrating accomplishments by every class!

Mr. D. will be here over the summer giving guitar lessons, ukulele lessons, voice lessons, and bass-guitar lessons and occasionally offering "You're in the Band" get-togethers for students and parents alike.  If you are interested, please call or contact Mr. D. at the school number, or on his cell at 314-803-6519.  Individual lessons are coordinated with Mr. D. directly and not through the school office.

Have a great summer and please keep in touch!

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