Studying Our State

In Social Studies, the Fourth Grade at Rohan Woods is studying the State of Missouri.  

We started the year by learning some basic facts about our state (e.g. State Bird, State Tree), which then moved into learning about the geographic regions of Missouri.  Last week, during our study of rivers, the class took a field trip to the National Great Rivers Museum in Alton, Illinois.  It was so much fun.  Our students had a great time completing a scavenger hunt around the museum, finding lots of information about how we rely on rivers, particularly the Missouri and Mississippi in this area, for so many things in our daily lives.  That was followed by a very informative tour of the museum and a nice movie about the Mississippi.  As we were leaving the facility, we were fortunate enough to see two Bald Eagles circling over the parking lot.  They must have known Rohan Woods was there!  Go Eagles!

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