Spring brings track and field along with outdoor games

Students in physical education classes are enjoying the warmer weather as they get into the track and field unit and outdoor games. 

Students in 3rd through 6th grade are participating in a track and field unit. They began the unit with guest teachers demonstrating and providing background on track and field. Students are learning the skills for activities such as high jump, standing long jump, running long jump, shot put, timed runs, relays and distance runs. Students in these grades have track meets at Priory, Principia and Churchill that provide them the chance to showcase their skills and abilities in formal competition working towards their personal best records.  Students in third through sixth grade additionally are playing kickball during lunch league recess as the sixth graders captain, officiate and coach their teams.  Students in PK through 2nd grade are completing their racket sports unit by working on pickleball and badminton skills. PK and E.C. students are also working on ways to move their body in and out of space while using music as a cue.   Kindergarten, first and second grade are also playing  cooperative games such as “Straddle Ball”, “Gaga Ball” and have a favorite game called “Ice Cream Cone Fencing” which emphasizes balance, fair play, and incorporates fencing skills with noodles. 

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