SK update September

It’s been a GREAT first couple weeks of Senior Kindergarten!  The students are quickly learning the new routines.  I’ve never seen a group so excited to get their very own desk, pencil box and even workbooks!  They really feel like big kids!  

The first few weeks of school were all about learning the new routines. Reading workshop center choices were slowly introduced for Seniors to learn location and expectations for work.  During the second week, all workshop centers were opened, and Seniors chose centers on their own — keeping track of centers completed in their reading workshop folder.  By Friday, all finished their work and were thrilled to earn free choice time!  Reading workshop activities will continue to change every Monday; earning free choice time on Fridays if all work is completed first.  (CONTINUED)

The Seniors have been completing Math work as a whole group and in center work with Junior Kindergarten friends.  We began the Math in Focus, Singapore Math curriculum.  The first chapter works on finding similarities and differences while also working on numbers 0-5.   Math centers with the JK will take place twice a week with six centers focusing on the areas of time and money, number sense, measurement, games, manipulatives and Legos.  Students will work both in small groups completing an activity independently and in small groups with a teacher.  

Another exciting event of the past few weeks was meeting our buddies!  Seniors are partnered with Third and Fourth graders and meet with them twice a week.  On Mondays, we will be together to check out books in the Library.  Fridays will involve doing a project together.  Last week, the older buddies interviewed their SK buddy to learn a little more about each other.

It’s been a busy, full first few weeks of school.  I am looking forward to watching the growth and learning that happens this year in Senior Kindergarten. 

Please join me for Curriculum Night on Thursday, September 13 to learn more about Senior Kindergarten.  This is a very important night for parents to attend to hear about what your child will learn and ask any questions about curriculum or routines.


Kristen Masiel
Senior Kindergarten Teacher

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