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Hello, Fall!

The Seniors are enjoying the cooler temperatures these last few days while discussing things we like to do in the Fall.  Do you like to rake leaves? Do you like to jump in leaf piles? These are a few of the questions of the day welcoming the Senior Kindergartenerss each morning.

The SK class is confident and comfortable with the new routines.  They read the daily schedule independently, transition between activities with ease and take care of their responsibilities.  The biggest responsibility in SK is taking care of your very own desk for the first time. Seniors are learning to keep their books, pencil boxes and papers neat and organized.  They especially love to use wipes to clean the top of their desk!

Another important responsibility is monitoring and crossing off completed centers during Reading Workshop. On Mondays, the Seniors are given a visual checklist and nine new centers.  It is their job to complete all nine centers by Friday to earn free choice time. Learning to get straight to work and complete work in a timely manner is a goal for the year.

Our first Language Arts unit centers around The Red, White and Blue.  The Seniors have listened to various stories about the United States while practicing the reading comprehension skills of visualizing, predicting, asking questions and categorizing.  The class has loved learning about different American symbols and the history of the American flag.

In Math, the Seniors worked on the single digit numbers.  We learned how to properly form each number with a model, always starting at the top. Counting using one-to-one correspondence and matching equal groups are other skills emphasized in this unit.  The Seniors especially loved taking their first Math “test” and using the “offices” for privacy. They can’t wait until our next test!

It’s been a fabulous month of growth for our Senior Kindergarteners.  I look forward to watching the continued progress throughout the school year. Current progress will be shared with parents on Friday, October 12 at Parent Teacher Conferences,  Be sure to log into Bloomz to choose a time.



Kristen Masiel


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